Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kaka goes english

Dear Mithila_vasi;

Jai Jai Sia-Ram !

During the epoch of Prof. Harimihan Jha I (Khattar Kaka) had suggested him that real Brahmin are living in America only. He didn't admitted it readily but when I had given him the justification, He realized that yeah! Real brahmin is residing in America only.

Motivated by my Justification he had written "Khattar Kaka'k Tarang". Sahitya Akadamy also accepted by justification and his another work on Biography was awarded with Sahitya Akadmy Puraskar.

Unfortunatally I am sorry I could no longer remain a maithili speaking and in this era of internet I am bound to go english. But Mind it my accent will remains maithili only.

This mail is to remaind you all Mithila Vasi that I (khattar kaka) am bounced back and will hound you occasionally with my 't a r a n g' . You can expect one mail in a week.

Jai Jai Sia Ram ! !

Khattar Kaka
Mithila (India)
Asia... Earth... Sun... Milky Way... Universe


Blogger Nearly Man said...

Dear Kaka,
It is really heatening to see you on the blogosphere even as we are only a few years away from Harimohan Jha's birth centenery.
Harimohan Jha was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for his autobigraphy,posthumously and not Khattar Kakak Tarang.I am one of your fans from last century and you can send me mail at

2:53 AM  
Blogger Khattar Kaka said...

Dear Sir;

Seems you are a senior person.

In india people are getting education for the real purpose of education. Education is meant for the career and in this process the real interest and aptitude of man sufer.

I find myself inclined to the world of literature. But for my father's wish and for the good livelyhood I had to become an engineer. But my literaric attitute and aptitute has been banging in my heart and I find a character named "Khattar Kaka" will be a means to fulfil my desire.

Yeah! Like Gabbar Singh of Sole Khattar Kaka of Mithila has been a unique but Literaric personality.

I am a member of Mithila_vasi. Just above 25 years age. I will let you people know who am I ? only after 2 years.

O! Yes! Thanks a lot for reminding me that and educating me that Prof. Harimohan Jha got Sahitya Academy award on his Biography rather than Khattar Kakak Tarang

Khattar Kaka
Mithila (India)
Asia... Earth... Sun... Milky Way... Universe

10:06 PM  
Blogger Rakesh said...

Respected Kattar Kaka
I claim myself as the the best fan of yours. Whenever i think on any subject i just remind you that in this situation what you have thought off.....

Please keep in touch..
My email :

Rakesh Ranjan

4:59 AM  

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