Friday, June 10, 2005

Saabik Kaa India

Saabik means…. The time when I (Khattar Kaka) was young like you

Dear Mithila Vasi;

Jai Jai Sia Ram ! !

Although the Indian government boasts to have achieved most of the task our forefather dreamt to achieve during freedom struggle. Let me see through the changes:

The nation builder Politician:

In Saabik: Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajedra Prasad, J.L.Nehru, L.B.Shatri.

Now:- Sonia Gandhi, Laloo, Rabri, Jaylalita, Mulayam Singh


Slogan of the People;

In Saabik:- Vande…. Mataram ! ! Vande Matram !!

Now :- Made in India, Made in India…..


Output of the Education:

In Saabik: Be a doctor, an engineer or want to be a big shot take the degree of barrister. the world will be yours so everything in it!

Now: Want to be a doctor… engineer… who hell you are ! You will have to fight for two meals a day! Have a business…. Or not lucky enough to have money… Get an MBA


Symptom of the Love:

In Saabik: The young man visit the house of a girl. The girl saw him from behind the curtain of the dining room. The young man look into her eyes. The girl goes red in shame! It is the beginning of the Love!!!

Now: The girl met the young man in the midnight in a pub! The girl shows the theory of equality of the girl. The girl goes far beyond’s man expectation. This routine is followed and the love is born.


Dress code for a Man:

In Saabik: Wear as much as light you can.

Now: Wear as heavily as you can.

Dress code for Woman:

In Saabik: Wear the saari with new style make the Juura of hair in best way.

Now: Hey! Man can no longer exploit women! For, the women will wear shortest apparel to please their counterpart. At the height there is no need to wear it at all !!!



In Saabik: 361 million

Now : : 10802 million

I will bounce back on next week till then


Jai Jai Sia Raam


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