Sunday, June 19, 2005


Hello Mithila Vasi;

Bam shankar Kailashpati !!!

Although the inflation is on the driver's seat where Rs. 1000/ doesn't mean anything. But I have seen life of every people moves round the Atthanni yeah! 50 paise.

Take the example of one of my bhateeja "Bechnaa" in mumbai. Let me explain " Atthanni mahimaa" through Bechnaa.

Atthanni= 50 Piase= 0.5 Ruppees= $0.011494253 USD

"Bechna" starts his morning at 7:30, wake up, took breakfast put some 'roti' in his tiffin. At 8:30 he arrives at local railway station to buy ticket to Bandra. he puts his hand in his pocket and take out some coins whose total value was Rs. 5 ruppees. Alas! an Athhani short of the total fare. Curshed his wife (hi-hi re Atthanni). If one Atthanni would have been there he wouldn't had to break his 20 ruppees note.

At 10:30 in his office he puts his hand and take out coins of Rs. 1 and an atthanni. Now he had to content himself with one cutting (famous half tea in mumbai) thanks to the Atthanni it was short otherwise he would have taken one full cup.

Bechna returns his home at 5:30. His wife ordered him to bring vegetable his son was crying to fill tyre of his cycle with air. He took his son with him went to a poor cycle repair shop. The man before him did an exercise, his son was lit up with joy, Bechna put his hand into his pocket took out a Atthanni. The cycle man disappointed once again for he was expecting one more atthanni, murmoured something probabily cursing in disguise.

Bechna went to the vegetable shop, take vegetable of Rs. 30 and told the grocers to give him green chily. And in response Bechna was standing like a begger. He was again short of one Athanni. Grocers cursed him for the fact Thaknaa has been pretending for one short of Athanni everyday for years.

Bechna starts his morning, cursed his wife, went to office cursed himself for one cutting of tea, cycle man cursed him and finally green grocers cursed him daily this is all for one Atthanni.

For me this Atthani can make your life a hail or you can get blessings of all Just for one Atthanni.

Hi-hi re atthanni ! ! !

Jai jai sia raam



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