Friday, July 15, 2005

The Ultimate wish of the kids of "mithila"

The Ultimate wish of the Kids of Mithila

Dear Mithila_vasi;

Back with pretty of things to write herein. Maithil people are compared with other parts of the country and definitely kids of mithila are left behind. Today let me write about the kids.

There are many faces of maithil kids.... thaknaa....bechnaaa....fekoo.....hariaa.....jhariaa....ajay....bijay....ramanjee....sumanjee...............

Let me tell you how Bechnaa try through out the day to become as big as his bhaiyyaa or kakaa.

1. Early in the morning with "churaa" he tries to have solid part of the curd ( "kathgar dahi" ). Alas he has been getting only the dilluted part and he is longing to become big to have "kathgar dahee".

2. In the afternoon he takes his lunch daal-bhaat-tarkaari all in single plate. He is longing to become big like his bhaiyya.... kaka... so that he will have his daal and tarkaaree all in separate bowl (baati).

3. He is longing to make the same rope with "teruaa" as his babujee is doing. Her daadi tells the day he made his first rope his wife was born.

4. He listen the gapp-sapp of his babujee from behind "taat" and got scholding from his babujee and now he is longing to become as big as his bhaaiyya or kakaa to listen the gapp-sapp openly.

5. He is longing to become as big as his bhaiyya or kaka to wear a fulpant.

And once Bechnaa grows to bigger one, he is bearing the sin of taking daal in baati, kathgar dahi, and many more like me, you or other mithila-vasi is doing.

Rest in next week. Till then

Jai.... Jai..... Sia.....Ram


Blogger Nearly Man said...

Kathgghar dahi, and tarkari in different bati.I hope Bechna will still like to do this when he goes to the IIT.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Khattar Kaka said...

टिपण्णीक लेल धन्यवाद

1:06 AM  
Blogger kri80vt said...

gor lagayee chiyaayeee Kaka.. [:D]

4:05 AM  

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